EBO Centre, Newquay, Cornwall
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Our Orienteering is run at a beautiful and rugged site called Perran Sands, between Perranporth and Holywell Bay near Newquay, Cornwall. Orienteering means maps, varied terrain and adventure. It doesn't matter how young or old or fit you are. You can run, jog or walk; you decide your own pace. Orienteering involves using a detailed map and a compass to navigate one's way round a course with designated control points, which are drawn on the map.

On the route, orange and white control markers are set in the places that correspond to the points on the map. The competitors punch their control cards at each control point.

The winner of the competition is the participant who has used the shortest time to visit the control points in numerical order. Fast running alone does not make you a winner. You must also choose the best route between the control points and find the markers without wasting unnecessary seconds.

The The British Orienteering Championships 2005 was hosted on the unique and challenging terrain of Penhale Sands.